An Admired person

Children of Israel in Egypt at Pharaohs’ era were more than five hundred thousand people. They were treated by Egyptians as slaves, their men could be killed for no reason, and their women could be raped. Pharaoh had decided to kill every Israeli new born baby in odd years and leave who was born in even years.   Moses was born in an odd year.

The challenge for the arrogant pharaoh was not he could not kill Moses, but also he raised him in his palace.  Although Moses was living in pharaoh’s palace, he was not affected by his arrogant behavior. When he became thirty years old, he left all that luxurious life, because he was defending his people’s right, and the Egyptians wanted to kill him. He had escaped from them and spent ten years as a shepherd, before he became a prophet and Spoke with God without an intermediary.

Moses’ personality has many special advantages that may make him admired by many people. Firstly, in spite of he was a slow of tongue, when he spoke with God, he did not ask for healing, instead of that he asked God to strengthen him through his elder brother Aaron, who was more eloquent in speech than him, raising Aaron’s position from an ordinary man, to a prophet, and this another proof that he had a high standing with God. Secondly, he loved learning, so after he had fulfilled his mission, he accompanied a knowledgeable man, to learn from him, leaving the leadership, as he had done before with the luxurious life.

Fahd Alghofaili