Leisure trends in Saudi Arabia

Although people all over the world are working longer and longer hours, this essay will discuss the leisure activities of people in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia people use their leisure in many different ways depending on their interests and their ages for example, some young people spend their leisure in cafes, drinking café and tea, smoking, and playing cards. Other young people devote their leisure for sport, they go to the stadiums, watch it on TV, or play some of it themselves.

For those who are older, who are between 40 and 65 of their ages, some spend much time watching different genres of sport on TV. In addition to that, most of them spend much time chatting, especially using chatting software in their smart phones, or some browse the internet. Most of the old ones tend to spend their leisure at home, talking and discussing many different issues during the day, or early in the evening, unlike the youth who prefer to gather during the night.

Other people use their leisure in much better beneficial ways; some of them spend it in (Masjid) Masques reading the Holy Quran, and learning more about it, while others spend their leisure teaching it.

Some people spend their leisure in voluntary activities; such as collecting money for needy people, going to other cities or even abroad to teach people their religion, or some answer people’s queries via phones to help them to find solutions for their religious or social problems.

Some people devote all their leisure improving themselves, such as learning new languages, developing their thinking skills, or going to some sport clubs, where they could build their bodies.

If we all understand the true meaning of our time in general, I think many things in our lives and those surround us would change. , Additional to that, it is substantial too that we teach one another some methods which help to arrange our lives, especially  how to benefit from the time management techniques.

Fahd Alghofaili