Social Network Platforms

Can you imagine that there are actually more than one billion people who visit YouTube each month, in particular, they watch over 6 billion hours of video? Plus, there are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute?

Would you believe that Facebook has the third largest population in the world, and in addition, it may become the largest by 2016?

Above all, there are more than 340 million tweets posted every day, And what is more, there are about 1.6 billion search queries per day?

Ok then, you probably realise that I am going to talk about social networks.

First of all, what makes social network so important, actually are three serious issues, number one is social network’s availability everywhere, any time, it is easy to use, and it is free. Number two is its users can reach affect wide range of audiences around the world. Number three is that audiences can edit one’s page and increase its popularity and effect.

In addition to its importance, the social networks have many positive things, First advantage is everyone could be an editor and an audience in the same time. Second advantage is the effect of governments or lobbies is so weak, and this helps to get heavy information that would not be available in official media. The third advantage is the speed of information and news which spread so fast, to a level where the official sites become unable to compete with them.

Anyway, this advantage specifically takes us to the second part of this talk, which is the social networks disadvantage, some concerned people say the high speed of news spread is not always advantage, but it is sometimes affect negatively because of publishing false news with no investigation. The second one is the online website in general not save including social networks, because they are susceptible to hacking, especially the official sites, for instance when “Fox News” twitter account had been hacked, a fabricated story about the  American president Barak Obama assassination was published and reached millions of people. The third negative effect is that terrorists have started to use them as tools to recruit ancient people and persuade them to join their terrorism movements and to teach audiences how to make destructive weapon.

Finally,   I will recommend two things, the first is it is important to be aware of the main role that is played by those who use the social networks, and we should benefit from that before get harmed. My second recommendation is for parents to increase their care of children, because we live in a time where bad people may affect every one, which means child is in his bedroom does not always mean that he is safe.