Women consistently underestimate themselves

Sheryl Sandberg has narrated that her roommate, her brother, and she studied the same subject at college. Although Both girls studied hard, after the exam they were unsure about their answer. Her brother who was so busy and did not study well was sure that he will get the top grade. Sheryl has stated this story as support for the studies that show that women underestimate themselves.  One of these studies has mentioned that fifty seven percent of men negotiate their first salary, and only seven percent of women do that. In addition to that, men attribute their success to themselves, but women refer it to external factor. For me, regardless of how much sophisticated quality someone has, it is more important to believe and trust the ability to attain the goal. Most women believe that they are the soft side of the society, and they are inferior to men. This feeling is considered to make them adjusted to degrade themselves.